The Classic one..

*Do not worry if you cant decide which lash type, length or even curl  you want to go for!  Our Lash Masters will help you choose your perfect set at your appointment.

Classic Lashes are applied using the 1:1 method, where one eyelash extensions is applied to one natural lash.  Perfect for customers that want each eyelash to look full of volume and height, yet natural result.

This is the oldest type of method for semi permanent eyelash extensions.

Our lash lovers can choose from a variety of curls, thicknesses, lengths and eye shapes. 

These lashes are available in*


Curl: C, LC, M

Thickness: 0.10mm-0.20mm

Lenths: 8mm-20mm 

Eye Shapes: Doll Eye, Cat Eye, Natural Eye, Kitten Eye, Squirrel Eye

Colour: Black or Brown


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