Eyelash Extensions


*Please note we use Faux Mink lashes with all our Mink Lashes range as we do not believe in cruelty to animals


Full Set  £20 


Coloured Lashes                                                                           

Ombre two-tone lashes (red, blue, purple or brown)   £1 per lash

Colour lashes (red, blue, purple or coffee)    £1 per lash

Glitter lashes (Gold, Silver, Green , Light Blue, Purple or Red)    £1.50 per lash



Eyebrow Extensions (last up to 2 weeks)

Full Eyebrow Reconstruction £70

Eyebrow Correction & Shape £40

Infills £25

NOTE: A patch test will need to be carried out before the treatment


Hair Extensions

Micro Rings

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Full Head Available with Russian, Indian or Human Remy Hair 

Extra 25g Hair  £50

Maintenance (per strand) £2

Maintenance Full Head £100 

Removal £40

Hair Extension Cut  £20

Curl with a wand  £10

Straighten  £10

Hair Extension Teaser Brush £5


Nano Rings

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Full Head available with Armenian Hair  

Extra 25g of Hair  £70

Maintenance Full Head £125  

Maintenance (per strand) £3

Removal £60

Hair Extension Cut  £20

Curl with a wand  £10

Straighten  £10

.Hair Extension Teaser Brush £5




Available with Russian hair


Full head of 16" from £500

Extra 40gs of hair £100

Full Head maintenance £100

Removal £60


We have a passion for hair extensions, which is why we offer the best and least damaging hair extension methods in our salon.
— Extensionique